Welcome! These links are to recently shared live-streams of services. These have been recorded on Facebook Live but you do NOT need a Facebook account if you follow these links:


04 August 2020 Night Prayer Tuesday
Welcome, join us in Bible readings and prayers at the end of this day
Date Recorded: 04/08/2020

03 August 2020 Night Prayer Monday
Welcome, Join us in ancient readings and prayers of blessing this evening
Date Recorded: 03/08/2020

02 August 2020 Sunday Parish Worship
Welcome, join us praying for this community and in worshipping God
Date Recorded: 02/08/2020

31 July 2020 Night Prayer Friday
Welcome to Night Prayer on a Friday
Date Recorded: 01/08/2020

30 July 2020 Night Prayer Thursday
Welcome, join us in words of prayer and blessing at the end of this Thursday
Date Recorded: 30/07/2020

29 July 2020 Night Prayer Wednesday
Welcome, join us in prayer and word on this Wednesday evening
Date Recorded: 29/07/2020

26 July 2020 Parish worship on a Sunday
Welcome, join us in song, prayer and Bible reading as we worship God on this Sunday.
Date Recorded: 26/07/2020

19 July 2020 Sunday Parish Worship
Welcome, you are invited to join us (or just to watch!) as we gather in worship this morning. Our readings are from Matthew 13 - the Parable to the Wheat and Tares.
Date Recorded: 19/07/2020

12 July 2020 Parish Worship Sunday
Welcome! Join us in prayer and worship this Sunday morning. All the words you need to join in are on the screen.
Date Recorded: 12/07/2020

05 July 2020 All Age Parish Worship Sunday
Welcome! Join us in worship as we consider Jesus' words on REST. Includes words of blessing for everyone.
Date Recorded: 05/07/2020

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