Welcome! These links are to recently shared live-streams of services. These have been recorded on Facebook Live but you do NOT need a Facebook account if you follow these links:


21 October 2020 Prayer during the Day
Welcome, all the words you need are on the screen.
Date Recorded: 21/10/2020

18 October 2020 Parish Worship
Welcome, join in with the words on screen as we worship God together.
Date Recorded: 18/10/2020

14 October 2020 Midweek Prayer
Date Recorded: 14/10/2020

07 October 2020 Midweek Prayer
Welcome, all the words you need to join in are on the screen. Let us pray...
Date Recorded: 07/10/2020

30 September 2020 Midweek Prayer
Welcome to this new Midweek Prayer service
Date Recorded: 04/10/2020

27 September 2020 Parish Worship online and in church
Welcome! Join us as we gather online and in church to worship God.
Date Recorded: 27/09/2020